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Why Choose CFI?

About US

Over 30+ Years in the Industry

Recovered Carbon Black

For more than 30 years, CFI has milled a high quality, bituminous coal, creating our product, Austin Black 325.  We are also 100% in control of every aspect of our business; from owning hauling trucks to processing material at two plants to packaging to loading our material!  

Even the Smallest Company Matters

 CFI is a privately held, small company. Teamwork and moral character are a must. With only 38 employees, between two plant locations, we work hard to service 20 different countries. 

Dual Plants, Dual Opportunities

 If your company requires dual sourcing, we have you covered!  CFI produces product at two plant locations, Tams, WV and Bluefield, VA.  Toll grinding services are also offered at our Bluefield, VA plant.  Call us today to see if we can meet your needs!